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Aug 24, 2010
Name's Simon, Insurance Broker in Nottingham.

Currently running round in a 1.4 Fiesta Ghia, that i've been slowly "tweeking" :)

Looking at a V6 Cougar as in all fairness, I'm starting to fall out of love with my Fez!

Signed up on the advices of Stribo and i'm gonna have a good poke round the project threads!

Current Car :

Got a list of mods as long as my arm, but this is a Cougar forum! :)
Already spoken about it with the ST200 owning Father who's encouraging me to buy one!

Started thinking of little mods I want to do to one!! Been advised to go for the X-Pack as well.

Is there anyone in the East Midlands who wouldn't mind letting me have a look, take for a spin?
Welcome to UKC.com Hip, if you're looking for a Cougar, some truly great cars crop up on this site from time to time & there are currently a few up for sale on here. You'll need to subscibe first though mate, to view all the gems on offer.(y)
welcome to the forum si, if you were really lucky, u could end up with a nice cat with the st200 engine and tweaks under the bonnet!! :D
Not a chance of being able to Insure it buddy, I'm only 20!

But 100bhp extra will only cost me another £300 a year on my fiesta. One of the reasons for the shop!

Cheers for all the welcomes guys!
Cheers buddy! Dad's got an ST200 so I'm fairly well acquainted with the beast but I've never even sat in a cougar before! :)
hi simon welcome to ukcougar.com

steve you never told us you hung about with fiesta drivers you naughty boy lol
I don't, I visit FEOC on occasions, and post pics of my car just to make them jealous. :LOL: Finally got one of them to break and decide a Cougar's the way to go. ;)
Hi Simon,and welcome to ukcougar.com, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place. Remember! ukcougar.com is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Hi, welcome along.....just have both :D ive got a fiesta same as yours, but 3 door and my coug too for non commuting/weekends/fun !
If you're at Trax mate, you can come over and see us. (y)

I was thinking about going down actually, as they've extended the buying deadline...!

hi simon welcome to ukcougar.com

steve you never told us you hung about with fiesta drivers you naughty boy lol

Have you not seen Stirbo's little Fiesta? The Cougar isn't really his, He's just a big poser :p

Hello and welcome aboard Si, hope you manage to get yourself a Coug...you won't regret it.

Cheers bud, I've actually been checking yours out in the projects gallery - Love your alloys!