hey presto????????

Richie Connor

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Jul 1, 2009
galway ireland
. iI think i have done something right , ok b4 all the remarks of fried eggs:LOL: and size of pic this is a big achivement in my books so :stop:and engage brain b4 opening mouth:LOL:
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AT LAST i got something right on this pewter now i think i got the hang of it will try some more pics 2moro and yes i still have the english plates on as the goverment want 600 euro to clear the vrt but let me tell u my amigo they will be waiting a little longer:LOL:
I can see it it's you lot!!:devilish:

I'll be off now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>thataway.
Yeh, "Hey Presto" ....I just made my pictures disappear! lol...... will await re-load of pic's before passing judgement! lol
Thats what i done but still something amiss hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Richie, looks like you haven't copied the entire code from Photobucket. As Paul (Procomm) has stated above - the code should look like what he has pasted up less the @ sign.

If not, try copying the "Direct Link" and we'll see if we can help you a bit. Cheers, Tim