Hi all



Hi all, just a quick line to say hello, just got a 98 cougar v6 in silver with xpack for a mad price, I was told the head gasket had gone, when I got it home found out that it had just snapped the water pump drive belt,:):):):):)
Done over 300 miles not used a drop of water, only problems are knocking over potholes, think it’s the drop links, it has a full service history, and had its last service in December when it had its MOT, so don’t think it’s anything too serious . The other is it leeks petrol if you put more than £25 in, it’s leaking from where the filler pipe enters the tank, so I have ordered a new seal
Love driving it and I am considering selling my MG ZTT 190 and using it as my main car, use to have an ST24 and love that, but everyone had one, I can drive all day and never see another cougar.
Will post some pics over the weekend
hi and welcome to ukcougarforum.com nice buy but i would advise you to check the actual filler neck tube as these corrode,the tank seal would only go if the tank has been removed and possibly pushed the seal back into the tank
welcome mate, loads of great info on here. know what you mean about the "rarety" of the cougar! sounds like you got a good deal then
welcome fella ya just missed a big ford meet at the weekend,any way drop links are a easy fix, just poly bushed mine.the thump yr hearing could be the exaust,on the underside of car ...... where abouts in area u from???? there is a few around here now,
thanks, but i think its had a new filler pipe fitted, maybe the seal is not seated right, will check it out when the new seal comes, dont want to pull it apart if i dont have the bits to fix it
cheers john
hi john , welcome to the club, not too far from me, hardy, wogans wig and capricougar, we were at ford meet at scotch corner on sunday, cracking day, if you like the meet scene, we are organising a trip to shell bay, fife, SCOTSFEST on the 9th-11th april, not too late if you fancy a weekend in scotland, lol, heres the thread, http://www.ukcougarforum.com/vb/showthread.php?11822-Scottish-spring-meet&highlight=scottish+meet
there will be plenty of banter, have a look around the site, you will find they are a friendly bunch on here, (y) :)
welcome to the madhouse. Best advice i can give you is to consider paying the £13 subs for access to the plethora of info on the site.

Either way, enjoy your stay
Hi mate, I've not been here too long myself. As Dar1976 says there's a few of us around here now - I'm in Spennymoor myself. I thnk the Scotch Corner meet is a monthly thing, capricougar will confirm this if this is right, would be good to see another cougar down there (y)
If the Scotch Corner meet is a monthly thing I will try to get, but I work away so can’t promise, how many cougars get to the meet
If the Scotch Corner meet is a monthly thing I will try to get, but I work away so can’t promise, how many cougars get to the meet

hi john, the meet is for all fords from classics to present st's , there was to be 5 cougars on last run, bu only 3 in the end, but still a good day, i work shifts so cant get to all, but i will get to as many as i possibly can,
the cat likes a ood run out now and then ,