Hi all



Hi all, i'm a new member, just bought a "w" reg cougar 2L, 88,000 miles, 12 months MOT, and 6 months tax for £700 via ebay, everything seems fine, apart from a blown fuse in the radio, i'll give it a good run on the motorway at the weekend and see how it goes.
Just thought i would introduce myself,
Pat :geek:
Hello and welcome to the forum what coulour is the cat and you will get the usual demand for pictures we can't see enough of the cougar on here!:D:whistle::geek:
Hi Pat, and welcome to ukcougar.com from another zetec owner. You'll be fine in here, loads of info in the subs sections, and loads of loonies all over the place. :)
£700 for a cat! damn thats good (y)
Welcome to the forum & Coog ownership Pat (y) £700 - you've got a bargain there, especially for a Frosty which is far and away the best colour there is :)
Hello and welcome aboard the mothership Cougardome. Hope you enjoy your Coug - watch out for the grin factor though...it pretty well stays on constantly! lol
Hi Pat, I'm new too, but the natives seem friendly :-D
Hope you enjoy your new cat as much as I'm enjoying mine