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Hi Martin and welcome to the home of the Cougar. Hope everything goes well with your MOT and you are up and running very soon. How could you bear having a Cougar for four years and not driving it?
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Hey mate, welcome to the forum - must be a fairly low miler having spent 4 years off the road now? Good luck with the MOT, and, as has already been said - get some pics up! (y)
Welcome to the forum Martyn, get your name down for Harewood meet on 20th June, looks like the biggest meet of the year so far and very close to you (y) (y)
Hi Martyn, welcome to the forum. Shame your Cat didn't grow another couple of cylinders in the 4 years it was parked up.:oops:

Runs and hides from the four pot lot.
Hi and welcome to the club.

You are in the best place for all things cougar related.

I'm not here as offen as I would like at the moment but its good to catch up from time to time.