HID's Done


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Oct 30, 2007
Fareham, Hampshire
Fitted the H7 6000K's i got from Martin (Racebits) today. "So what" You might think to yourself, "thats no mean feat". Well believe me it is for someone who doesn't know one end of a spanner to another :D. I'm quite chuffed cos i was going to stick it in a local garage to get them done but i thought i'd have a go cos you don't learn unless you try eh ? I'm pleased with the results and the only problem i had was where to put the ballasts. But i got there in the end (y)
Anyway i thought i'd stick some pics up.
Can't wait to go out in the dark :D



Make's the sidelights look flippin stupid tho. I'll have to change them.
Well done! Its a nice mod to get done because the results are so obvious. Did mine a couple of weeks ago and still love 'em. Even thinking of getting some for the main beam as well but that creates double problems with the ballast positioning. Shame no-one does a double ballast. I read on a forum somewhere that there are the equivalent ones for the fogs/driving lights and side lights so have been looking for them.
Cars looking good Nick!
Not had a chance to do mine yet but looking at yours nick gives me a bit more incentive to get on with it - especially as I don't know one end of a spanner from the other also :LOL:.

So where did you put the balast - and did you have any problem with the bulb warning light?

Thanks for your kind words chaps (y)

So where did you put the balast - and did you have any problem with the bulb warning light?


I found the ballasts a it of a challange.
Drivers side..... When the light cluster is out if you look to the left of where it was theres a space where you can see down inside the bumper. Just inside to the right there's a bolt that secures the bumper strengthener. I undid that and secured it back in with the ballast carrier in place. There's loads of room for the cables to reach the lights from there. Just take care not to pinch them when putting the light back in.

The passenger side..... Because i've removed the OEM air box theres loads of room behind the battery. At the back or the battery there is a bolt at the bottom of the tray. I simply undid that and bolted the carrier to it. Couldn't put it in the same position as the drivers side. No bolt or hole.

I secured both of these with the supplied cable ties as well where possible.

Wiring them up was quite simple really.

I hope this helps (y)
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Thanks for that NickerTig. I'm sure that if an old fart like you can do it the an old fat like me might be able to as well.

Cheers for the tips mate (y)

Looking good Nick , please let us know what there like in the dark and im now even more tempted to get some

Went out for a spin about an hour ago Ian and the difference is amazing. Everything's bright infront of you instead of being yellowish.
The only thing i noticed is they make the high beam useless. You turn them on and you get a yellow on white effect. Found the best thing to do was use the low beam adjuster. keep it down on lit roads then raise them up on unlit roads. Works a treat. They make the sidelights look cr*p tho. Got to change them. No light out indicater on the dash either.
I Really recomend this mod. Well worth it (y)
Might be worth trying the led mod dyg and myself did at ML I'm sure if you pm dyg3474 he will let you know the bulbs we used!
Nick- me and another member bought some of the 17 led bulbs from Hong Kong. They arrived a couple of days ago and come with resistors which stop the warning. Gonna try 'em first without just to see.
I'll bring the pack today to show you if you like.