Hmm...I like the look of these


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Oct 10, 2009
After seeing some 17" Ford RS7 alloys on a Mk2 Mondeo I took the opportunity to 'photoshop' some onto a Cougar to see what they're like (borrowed a side photo of TWS's green Cougar - hope you don't mind).


I must admit I like.....I like a lot (although I think they look even better with the 'machined' finish rather than painted). I'll have to keep an eye out for a set on Fleabay when I have the cash (y)
Same here but they cost a bomb (£850+ from FORD) not much cheaper on eBay, although like the Mk 1 Focus RS wheels (another good choice for the Cougar) they are 4-stud so no problems fitting. Danjay had a set on his old Escort.