'Homemade' grill



What do you think guys?


I think it needs a blue LED behind it, what about you?

Thanks, Rod.
how about doing the head bit in clear perspex then set the the l.e.d
in the top so it lights the hole thing up :? ????
It is indeed a good idea.

I just need something to machine clear perspex, whats the best way to get this done?

I made the orginial head out of an ice cream tub!!!!
looks like it's going 2 cost a lot
i'll have a good think of how 2 do it on the cheep
:wink: :wink:
When I planned to do this, I was going to use some frosted perspex to get a more even spread of light and make sure it wasn't too bright to any passing Policemen.
However, because I am still waiting for my car back I have yet to start it.
I was hoping to be the first with this mod and 3 others but because I haven't had my car for 17 months now, all my "unique" mods have now been done by other people. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Be interesting to see how peoples versions turn out though.
ar mate :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
but year frosted perspex would be better
got any other ider's we can do before you lol

ps KingRoderick i think your going 2 have 2 find some
one with a pencil saw :?