how many


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Apr 24, 2007
leeds west yorkshire
never seen as many red cougars in one place at one time in a picture

picture came from another site german cougarfest
Nice to see. And they have left enough room so the doors dont get bent when they all jump out. LOL
I think its only a colour they do on LHD cars, 99.9% of our cars are silver lol
Well spotted that man!

Saw that shade of red when I was in Seattle, nice metallic when close up.
I don't normally like red cars that much (except for Ferraris and Alfas - but then they have to be red) but this shade looks pretty good on the Cougar :smile5:
Nice to see a red one with the same body kit as mine(y)

Your body kit Lewy the vents on the front and sides are they functional.
Do you have to cut a little of the front of the rear wheel arch to get the air to flow over the rear brakes.

Its just that I have seen the kit in a Mag I have over here sold be Stury and quite like the look of it.
The one on the far left is the one where the owner made an exact 1:18 replica isn't it? Someone find the link!!