how to get a rally style exhaust pop


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Aug 9, 2007
Well I had a rather worrying change of exhaust note today... anything above 3,000 rpm gave me a big rally style backfire popping when i lifted off the throttle . My mate following me saw flames a couple of times :yikes:

got it home and checked the obvious.. found out why it was missing so bad.

engine lovers/servicers look away :frown2:


didnt have much of a tip left on my plugs. Could have parked the car between those gaps!:incazzato:

One set of NGK's later and im away again (y)
BANG! POP! Whizzzzzzz....Flameout...what did you think you were piloting? a bleeding F14 Tomcat with afterburner? lol :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Glad you got it sorted though mate, just wonder why your plugs didn't last very long???...NGK?....think from reading all the threads on here I would opt for Motorcraft (y)