i got really bored today....


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Apr 8, 2009
thought i would strip my dash to see if could get into and solve my rattle from the left hand window vent but could not becasue the centre vents prevent you from doing this so looks like i will have to remove the passenger airbag to get to this.anyway since i had the dash in bits i decided to give the car its sidelight dash indicator and to add the earth wire to the dash dimmer.will post other pics when its dark enough to see
side light

lot and lots of wire

and the bridging wire,i used a wire from an old multiplug so i could use the spade connector on it and a pin connection for the other end
nah its just that pain called the heater vent which is a pain to get to,anymore of it and i will be turning to the spirits
on this subject has anyone down a how to on removing the passenger side dash airbag?

Paul i managed to sort out a rattle in the left hand vent by removing the glove box and getting in from underneath,mind you had to hang upside down for half an hour to do it and then the wife had to help me get out cos i got stuck but in the end i managed to remove the air flow pipe and get out some of my grandsons smarties (little sod):incazzato::incazzato::incazzato::LOL::LOL::LOL:
nah thats fine its the long window vent that pops up and rattles been doing my nut in as you cant get to it from below as the big inpact bar runs across the bulkhead so needs to be done via dash airbag
even more bored today

well decided to wash and hoover car but firstly replace front wheel as i have been running on the spare,so took spare of and decided to clean up the subframe instead


then i thought i would check and see what was causing the rattle at the back end,think this has a few more miles in it?luckily i had a couple spare ones to hand

and thought i would change the rear trailing arm fixing bracket as ive had a new powdercoated one laying around for ages,bought one as the handbrake cable clip on it broke

and fitted the arm to the new bracket after cleaning and painting the arm

so hopefully next weekend weather permitting i will get the drivers side of the subframe done to,and the sill need sanded back and resealed as there getting a bit tatty and rusty but thats a job for when its going to be dry for a few days
well decided to wait until my lad brings me a tin of galvi paint so i can coat everthing in it before painting it,when i looked at the rear arb mounting brackets he did for me last year and glavi painted them not one bit of rust has appered on them