I KNOW you have been waiting for this!!!!


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Jun 17, 2008
Nuneaton, Warks
Right guys I had my cougar cleaned and detailed on Tuesday and I know I havent posted any pics etc but this is WAY better just bear in mind the following -

1) I paid 800 quid for this car and it has full x pack plus parking sensors and a FULLY stamped book!

2) Yes I know its missing the front grill, that was my fauly but Uncle Al (Pid) is working on this for me oh and Alan, if your reading this that ford badge on rear is off my old front grill. Temporary fix.

3) Yes I know its missing a centre cap on one wheel. I have one ready to go on just need to pick it up.

4) You may notice a scuff on front bumper. Its better than what it was but I need someone to just touch it up so if you know ANYONE to help with this please let me know :) Its the ONLY mark on the whole car!

Other than that...ENJOY :)



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Sep 12, 2007
not here
na mate mines a 2.0 zetec (very exclusive lol)
and it still manages to keep with you v6 boys jus ask scunny after goin down to ford fair :0
Yeah, but Si's is slow, you wouldn't keep up with me.:):)

Nice looking Cat mate, and definitely the best colour.:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:


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Oct 10, 2009
A cracking job with the cleaning and detailing - looks factory fresh (y)

Two words though.......fried eggs! :angel: