In todays extream weather


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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
In todays extreme weather

Just a few pics of the cat, caught out in todays weather. Was really chucking it down with snow in Shirley, Solihull when I left work about 2:30pm, so much so I was called up and told to not come in on the night. (saying that its raining now and sounds like Bagdad in the gulf war out side...fireworks!)
Turning blue its so cold....:frown2:

Its not winter yet is it?
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I woke up this morning. Was very cold when i climbed out of bed.. looked outside and the car was iced up. hit the remote start and had my coco pops and went out to a nice warm car :)

God I love gadgets :LOL:
Good god! I know that there was was supposed to be a bit of snow up in the West Mids...???...but not that much. Have sent a copy of your pic into work, as the Met Office love to see pic's like this to prove it has snowed in some parts of the UK. (y)
Bobster dude imma have to get one of those alarms but you'll need to write me up another shopping list lol i lost the last one :p
Don't want to sound like a school teacher Matt, but if you edit the thread title to read "In todays extreme weather" . Members will have more success when searching for it. Well, the ones that can spell will. :LOL: