Its that time you have all been waiting for....


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Jun 3, 2009
Sunny Scunny
After weeks of faffing the wheels and tyres are finally on....:yikes:

So, I would like to thank one and all for humouring me, my wife for putting up with me, Topcat for a top job on the wheels (fancy refurbing some c2 wheels? :dita:), Charliedc001 for the tyres, dyg for providing a courier service - and finally a tyre place who put them together for nothing because of their past buggering around...
Best news from them - the wheels and tyres were almost perfectly balanced, with only one needing a bit of weight to the rear.(y)

The pics dont do these justice, but until i get time to polish the rims again and pressure wash the car....

Ladies and gentleman, I present:



Lets hope the wife gives the new look "the nod.":mad2:
he certainly did. He even said they are "not perfect".....well, if they are not perfect they are bloody close. They are stunning.

Now running Bridgestones on the front and Kumohs on the back........oh, and i have been for a drive on a private road and no shuddering through the steering wheel.
Glad your happy with them Si just slap on some tyre restorer to bring out the shine on them to finish the look off.

They look superb and I am guessing they were worth the wait?
oh, yes dave, oh yes.

Tyre restorer, claying the vehicle, polish the, hopefully finished (unless a super charge option comes available or perhaps a Jaguar 2.5 lump........wait, no, i want HID upgrade and back light covers d'oh!)

Note the K+N sticker Al provided - the wife hates it, but she hasn't tried to remove it yet!!!!!

The reason the back end looks low btw is because there are five alloys and six tyres in the back at the time of taking the pic.
lookin good mate - you've kinda beat me to it as ive just bought all the stuff to do my alloys the same colour and the red caliper paint......... damn I'm jealous now :cool:
Wish I had (C) it you people are stealing my thunder :LOL: looks good mate, Black rims on a Frosty, just has to be done......just wait for my new look mate ;) (y)

Oh and yours is a C2 like mine :LOL: brothers in arms :LOL:
That must be a huge relief Si

And I think Al is going to play this next mod close to his chest but lets just say it is an amazing bargain!!!!

Hopefully all should be revealed at modified live or before if Al is feeling nice
Nice one Si looks the part glad it all came together in the end. Thought k&n sticker was a new addition.