JPEG Cougar steering wheel logo????



Hi guys,

Does anyone have a JPEG of the cougar logo? I mean the black and silver one, like on our steering wheels....

Preferably 200x200 pixels or bigger....

Any help would be much appreciated :smile5:

Hi Karl, this is the best I've got mate, hope you can use it

Hi thanks for trying you 2 :smile5:

What I really need is a JPEG like the one in the .com at the top of this web page... Just bigger :smile5: Someone must be able to help, I really need it today:D
I have been scowering the internet and I can't find one:confused::confused: I refuse to believe that there is not a JPEG of this in existance:frown2:

Can anybody help?????

The same design as Jeza put up....
How about this:


The chrome dots aren't quite right, & the outer circley thing is a bit wide, but it's free.....& I could always jiffle about with the outer circley thing.

Or this:
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Will this do you


I created this as vector art and then saved it as a JPG. This means that i can make it any size or colour. If anyone else needs different variations just drop me a PM. Can be used to get vinyls cut in its vector format!!!!

Cheers R
Ahh so you designed it Monos cool. Can you tell me what the font name is please? :D
Cheers Matty.:D
Well at the time I didn't know the name of the font so I mixed several to get the closest match.
I've since found that the correct font (used for the lettering on the boot) is Geometric 706 Medium BT. :ihih:
The dots?

Yup. 15px transparent image, with a 12px white circle centred, set it as a pattern & flood paint it in........

You gotta invert the original cat image to start with tho.

Feel free to nick it.