Latest touches...


'Busa Boy

Well, washed the car this afternoon and so took the opportunity to take a few pics of my most recent additions! Not exactly large scale or performance enhancing (nor to everyones tastes either I expect) :LOL: but, nonetheless, are my mark on the car :smilewinkgrin:.

All thanks to this forum:

Carbon rear light covers (from pathtogo) - need to refit 'em though, and better next time round!
Fog lights covers (from pid) - again need to refit 'em, left one needs re-moulding a little (I rushed it - too excited!)
Cougar sticker (from pid)
UKCougar stickers (from the club - got 'em fitted at last)!
New Alpine ipod ready headunit - ex-display from Halfords (following advice from many on the forum - especially JJ and Ginja)











Cheers everyone (y)
Very nice mate!(y)

I really want a set of rear light covers!!:wink5:
Damn that rear light cover is sexy... I want some :( Love the mods, subtle and taking nothing away from the cat. Nice job!!
My old light covers have been about, glad someone finally fitted them, they look cool on a frosty!! :cool:

Yeah good to see them coming to some use, never got them on. Dont know why as i had the carbon front. Looking good on a silver car.
Looking very very cool,
but the lights look as if they have been tinted all over,
can't help feeling that the light covers would look better spayed silver (but then that defeats the purpose of buying carbon fibre i guess :D )
aside from that it all looks ace (y)
nice mate!

You stole my wheels and my head unit though!!! Well they say plagerism is the best form of flattery!!! ;-)

Ha ha! Nice one :LOL:

I knew we had the same wheels (although only realised after I had bought them) but had no idea we had the same head unit! Great minds and all that...:smilewinkgrin: (y)

Thanks for all the positive comments guys (y)
That head-unit is something else mate, must be a doddle to work it with that big Knob ....oooer missus ;)

CF rear lights looking good mate, all you need now is one of Pids CF in-fill panels at the back like mine (y)