Le Mans 2009



Here is the New Cat stickered up and ready to go ....



Sailing Thurs morning 7am, then a blast down the autoroute to Le Sarthe :smile5::smile5::smile5:
Looking good. Less of the blasting the locals pigs dont like it and being all stickered up as well will point you out like a saw thumb.

Make sure you have a warning triangle and high visability vest and spare bulbs obligatory now in France.
Ah so thats were Jeza has gone then, have they seen scence and stayed in a hotel this year?

HOTEL ? HOTEL ? thats for poofs... :smilewinkgrin: Camp site was excellent this time round, good toilet & showering facilities, fenced off from the rest of the throng, good beer hall & good food, sunday night we had Tiff Needel on site ( he probably won`t remember though as he was ratarsed) also with the speed chills membership we got to go into the Team Creation garage.