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Matt aka Ginja


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Jun 15, 2012
North Warwickshire
Really really sad news. I'm really gutted for Matt that he didn't get to spend longer with Emma and Tina. I hope he had a great time at his wedding and enjoyed himself to the last.
Matt was the first fellow UKC member I met and I remember being surprised initially that he posted so openly about his illness on the forum - but I know it's because as far as he was concerned, every fellow cougar owner was his mate. Well, that's how it is here isn't it?
I only met Emma and Tina once but my condolences to them and to all Matt's friends & family.
And, Kully, thanks for the update. A few days after being best man that must have been really hard to sit and write this post.
I'm not far from Atherstone, let me know if I can help in any way.


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Aug 16, 2013
Very sad indeed. I thought he showed immense courage throughout his illness. My condolences to all his friends and family.


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Mar 31, 2009
read this last week, still find it hard to believe, sure i posted but probably hit return rather than post reply

cant believe it was only last August that Matt posted on here that he was in hospital with possible liver/gall stone problem
then come April he tells us all that the chemo hasn't worked and he is just going to get on with it, i thought he had several years at least
Glad Matt found Emma, he deserved some happiness as we know he didn't always have good luck over the years
shame he only had a short time with Emma & Tina as he seemed very happy with life after they got together
we all know how determined Matt could be once he set his mind to do something he wanted, and he achieved this by getting married as planned, Good on you Matt
only met Matt 4/5 times, Couple Xmas party's, coombe could be a right laugh at times
it was only seeing the wedding Photo's that you could see how much of a hold it had on him
a lot of Matt's friend have written a lot of good things on here so far and will continue to add anecdotes for the foreseeable future

Deepest condolences to Emma, Tina and Matt's family and friends, also to the good friends he made on here, must have been a very hard thing you had to do Kully to post it on here, especially after just being his best man a few days earlier


at least you will be able to drive the car of your dreams, modded to your hearts content and not have to worry about the points on your licence when you put your foot down


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Jun 7, 2010
I only met you at cougar fest once. My 1st impressions were that you were friendly, caring and instantly likeable. This sincerity shows throughout your forum posts over the years too. I wasn't fully aware of the extents of your bravery until now. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better.

Rest in peace, Matt. Now I know there are cougars in heaven.


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Feb 6, 2011
Milton Keynes
Im gutted. I cant believe this has happened.. RIP Matt..

I don't know you - were you a former member? But the poor guy was ill for a very long time and his departure was horrid yet unfortunately inevitable, as it turns out.

To be honest I didn't like him when I first met him; I thought he was distant and arrogant. But then we worked together... And he was an extremely game bloke with a lovely personality.

If people remember me half as well as they remember him, I'd be happy.


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Feb 1, 2014
I'd just like to say thanks to Emma for sorting me out one of the leftover 'Ginger Power' T-shirts today. It is a source of some sadness to me that I never got to meet Matt and could not attend his send-off either, so hopefully this will go some way to addressing that in my psyche. I'll wear it with both pride and respect.:cool:


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Nov 20, 2006
Mansfield (Robin Hood Country)
WOW! Matt. This is a real coincidence, or is it? Earlier today i was rummaging in my wardrobe for a clean T-shirt to put on under my shirt when this bright orange appeared and yes it was the "Ginja" T-shirt of mine.