Midlands Breakfast Club Meet

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Sep 10, 2004
Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent
found out about this one on Pistonheads forum and decided to give it a go with a couple of Pugs in the line up.

Basically it's a monthly meet up at RAF Cosford for al petrolheads and likeminded folk to meet, stare, and drool. :)

Museum of RAF is all open and free entry including Cold War Museum which is superb.

Anyway here's a few snaps, if anyone on here fancies going along get in touch from the web site and talk to Coxy. Loads of different clubs there.

My little pride and joy after having been rebuilt during Winter including dry sump.



Here's a few of the variety that was on show.
Typical you dont see one for years and then ten come along at once.....


Some Class about.






pitty i mjiised it as its just up the road from me aswell :cry: anyone interested in going to the next meet :?:
Actual club space gets taken very quickly, but there's just as good a show on the car parks as many clubs come along.

Mail address is on web site, and its a great place to meet without it feeling awkward for those that have never been a meeting before. Plenty to do, plenty of facilities, and the Museums are great for the kids as well.

Anyone organising put me down and I'll bring the cougie out for a run.
cougar571 said:
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There is a mention of it, but no pictures of the breakfast? :eek:
Summat like this :D
I knew Kev would spam this thread as well!! :roll: :wink: :LOL:
It's amazing just how many colours he dyes it :LOL:

ERM!!!!! thanks Matt......... i could actually be quite upset but i will rise above it!!!! :evil:

ok i'm up for a trip to this breakfast club, will the organisers be good enough to look into this and arrange some thing as i believe we have some interest :LOL: