my car, not a cat



as some may remember I moved away from the cat fold last year and got myself an evo I promised some pics so here they are finally!!






Very nice mate - that is looking mean, great place for the shots as well. (y)

I think I've just wet myself......:LOL::LOL::LOL:
Nice mate whats the spec? Evo8/9 etc??


its a 2004 evo 8 260 model, safely modded to 399.5 bhp :D

its got the standard turbo, uprated hks 272 profile cams, full 3" decat nur spec (very loud had a call from the police the other day about it :lol ) evo 9 suspension, uprated bigger brakes and pads, avcr boost controller running a peak of 1.65 bar and holding 1.5 to redline which is just under 8000rpm, and a ecuflash remap with switchable maps (one has an anti lag effect which gives plenty of pops bangs and flames :D ) aps dualport dump valve (recirculates at low rpm and dumps at higher rpm) and hks mushroom filter.
Rear spoiler is carbon fibre, front splitter is carbon fibre and there is some carbon fibre inside as well.

Good thing is because its the 360 version the road tax is just over £200 for the year :ihih:
had to get a new exhaust due to a visit from the police as a neighbour had complained :(

heres a vid and sound clip of it

Is that the new exhaust? or was that the old one? Bl**dy neighbours!! :incazzato:... I'm lucky that I went for the "mid sport" from MIJ, so it's loud without being too loud.

Shame you have to change yours though - how much quieter will the new one be?? or you going back to standard???
that one is the new one!! rang up on monday, they made it and was fitted by 3.30 :D
do a search on blitz nur spec !!

it was loud. Get more flames with this one though as it isnt as sooted up yet :D
probably why neighbours complained dont open it up until I get to the motorway and thats about 2 miles away :D
:LOL: I just tried a vid of your old spec exhaust and my mom told me off :LOL: said it sounded like a chain-saw ;)....reminded me of my old PECO Big Bore ;)

Matt...aint it time you moved out of home mate.... I mean your heading for ...40 (which I'll be in just over a week :yikes:) aint that much ..or is it that you prefer your mums cooking?? :yesnod::LOL::LOL: