My cat's just had a baby !



My cat's just had a baby -



Just gone a bought this for the missus
I like it :D once thought about getting the racing puma aswell but back then were few and cost ?ú?ú?ú?ú?ú?ú?ú?ú?ú?ú :eek:
It goes like sh*t off a hot chrome shovel !

The previous owner did the usual things, cold air intake, power boost valve (fuel reg), huge can on the back.

And I have just finished installing one of those alarm / remote start things (what a pain that was)

The missus loves it - always been a bit of a girlie racer- used to go down Southend every Saturday night.

Hey maybe we should arrange a meet down Southend one Saturday night in the summer if there are enough members close enough to Essex.
yeah another member near me, Yeah southend cruise. Puma was what i was looking at but had to be the racing one.

I'll keep my eyes out for you on my travels as I am regularly through Braintree.