My cougar...2010 spring tuning from Czech rep:)



My setup: 2,0 zetec - NGK sparks, custom intake (waiting for AEM filter), 4-2-1 racing headers, custom exhaust - no cat:), short shift and some cosmetic interier mods... here are some pics
Team dynamics 17´´ wheels with GY F1 but stock springs:(

some underhood photos..:)

so what do you think?
I think it's good to see a Laser red? 2.0ltr zetec cat, with a few similar mods under the bonnet. Looking good.
Post a hello in the new owners section aswell, get yourself introduced properly (y)
Looking great there mate and lovely colour too. It does need lowering low to really set off those alloys IMAO.
This strut brace is from my garage... I spent for it about 6 hours of my free time and 20euro from wallet :) yes I´m not from UK and I think it could tell from my English :)