my Cougar written off :-(



Wrote the cat of last month ... hit some deisel on a bend and ended up in a ditch against a tree.

I wasnt speeding officer ???!!!!

Could only buy it back if I took less for a payout, but managed to get a few bits off before they took it away.
I have seen it in a local breakers already !!!

Already got a new one :)

It is a standard frosty, but have just about finished with a few mods :)
:frown5:Another one bites the dust shame you must be gutted i know i would be at this rate the cougar is an endangered species wonder just how many are left :mad:
That's not nice mate, but pleased your ok. Damn diesel :incazzato:- it's like being on an ice-rink when that stuff hits the road - hope the council have been out and washed it off - or some other poor sod might come a cropper too :sad:

So, you have a new Frosty...on with the modding then to bring it up to the standard of your old one :D
Thanks for all the comments guys (y)

Yes the thing most damaged was my pride :eek:

Was a bit of a rush to get the new bog standard one ready for my Le Man trip,
exhaust and spoiler from the old one,
lights painted,
some 18" rims,
Full service with a new K&N filter,
Not got enough time to lower it but unsure wether it needs it with the bigger rims ?

but it is all done with some stickers on to get in the spirit.

Tell me what you think ..... ?


Liveried up .. excellent, I did that in 2007 and people gave me some funny looks, went for Euros this morning, woman in post office asked where I was going, told her Le Mans, she had never heard of it, when I told her it was a 24 hour car race she asked me if I was racing :nonod: ... had she been a smart young thing I would have said yes :LOL:
So there will be at least 2 cougars in Le Mans.
nice looking cougar, did you get it off ebay as I saw a nice original one which was silver with the factory fit rear spoiler go on there the other day.
No, got it from a local trader, was bog standard when I got it 3 weeks ago, the spoiler, exhaust, and lower trim are what I took off the one I trashed before it was taken away.