My cougar!!


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May 2, 2010
gainsborough, lincolnshire
Hey guy's thought it was about time i showed you my cat!, she's unmolesterd at the min! but hopefully not for long! :)




nice looking frosty mate, not completley umolested. Clear side repeaters and reversing sensors. Looks in great condition!
That's a great looking car Adz, very rare to see them with rear parking sensors. I've noticed a few cats on here that have the Ford logo on the alloy centre caps yet mine have the Cougar decal in the middle! Ford did some weird things with these cars.
Looking great there Adz, won't be long though til ya emptin' that wallet and making her look even prettier than she does now lol
Very tidy model, get your thinking cap on for your mods - once you catch the bug......... :angel: :angel: