my finished induction set up


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Apr 8, 2009
got the final piece for my induction set up even though ive had my k&n on for ages now ive been gathering bits and bobs for it,polished tbh and my attempt and making my maff shiny,racebits induction pipes and cullers old heat shield.its all on now still got to fit my battery cover though
lol..a week late! Sorry mate! How's it sound?
Fingers crossed my work in progress should be photographed next week weather permitting. Looks really superb!
cheers roy its weird as ive already had the k&n on it for long enough,but when i took the old tbh off there is a channeled grove on the upper inlet manifold where the gasket sits against the grove has three slots and these were blocked so i cleaned it up put it all back together,took it for a spin the throttle is much more responsive the grunt even louder and you just need to touch the pedal and your off at some rate and i can feel the secondries opening up more noticably now.and the the lower end acceleration has improved massively delighted with it,and better late than never lol
ahhh no.... its one of the thick ones with holes drilled in it. I have a carbon cover and it doesn't fit so I imagine its the wrong one for you too.
not a problem my lad is meant to be making me one up for it,but he,s been busy with moving house and overtime,still waiting for my painted light covers and sizes for the arb supports on the rear subframe for he better get a move on with them lol
Looking smart Paul. Us zetec boys have had one for a why mind but see you got it all together now. LOL
the air temp sensor plugs into the back of the k&n,as the k&n has the hole pre made for it.theres still enough play on the loom with the extra length of pipes
Chers Paul..just wondered if there was a hole in the Ally pipe K&N doesnt have a is the ST200 one (exact same kit but no hole and longer air duct)
you could either drill a hole in the silicone pipe or back of filter,but when the air temp sensor is back of the filter the multi plug sits tight againt the gasket
Thats what i have done to get it fitted, drilled hole in the base of the filter..not a good fit or seal tho..thats why i would prefer to make a new hole in the ally tube when i get one.