My Frosty


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May 19, 2010
North Lakes, Cumbria
Thought I'd share the best few (lol) pics of my Cat.
2000 V6 with Xpack

No mods as of yet. Dying to get started, although it will be a couple of months until I can start anything big. You know, the usual suspects. MOT due one month and tax the next. The brakes have around 5k left in them, so I will need to get a grip of them around september time. Hopefully I'll make a start after then.

Anyway, enough of me whinging. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them (she really is starting to take over)









Cracking base model there bud and in a great colour, love the black n white pics - does the frosty more justice
Nice frosty and some great pics - some potential calendar shots there (there's a thread in this section for calendar pic submissions) (y)
Nice looking cat ther won't kick off the colour debate:angel:. Join the rest of us in not modding our cars.o_O
A blank canvas! Quite literally in fact, it's not even been painted.... Joking aside though, those are some cracking pictures, definitely calendar potential.
Thanks for the great feedback folks. I'll be sure to have a go at the calender thread.

Ah, the gorgeous lakes scenery. I feel very lucky to live where I do but believe it or not you kind of get used to it. Now that I have somthing that complimets the scenery, I'm noticing it again. I have loads more locations that I'm itching to get out to after having covered my route to work above. Some detailed planning of family days out should square it.

As for modding, I won't be doing too much body wise. I'm starting with the smaller jobs and today chopped down the aerial. I don't need to worry about the fried eggs as, well spotted, they're long gone. I'm liking the frosty and black combos I've seen so I'm going to do the front grills and get the rear windows tinted (but thats more for my kids protection honest
) Then I'm thinking some black and chrome 17" multi spokes should do nicely. Once thats done I'll start to think about twinning her off. Any other mecahnical and engine mods? I wouldn't know where to start.o_O
Ah Black and Frosty.... now who started that off :geek: nice looking pictures, its allways better when you have the right back-drop (I can never decide were to go to take some decent pics of mine)