My Jap Imports


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Mar 5, 2009
East Sussex
Taking a follow on from CraigTT, I thought I'd post some shots of my previous rides. Three years worth of Japanese imported cars.
First is a VERY rare Lexus Uzz32 Soarer Active. An amazing car with four wheel steering, touch screen display for air con, GPS (unheard of in a 1991 car!), diary (including service information), performance log, CD changer, TV and radio. The active part was the steering, it would adjust the suspension while going around a corner meaning no drift. You can corner at 60+ miles per hour with this car. It was a 4 litre V8 and full of the normal Lexus comfort and gadgets.
Second in the list was probably the best car I've ever owned; a Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo. It has been owned by a policeman previously who spent £8500 on it in two years. This included a conversion to a single big ceramic turbo, adjustable suspension and four wheel steering. It had EBC brakes all round and a powerflow exhaust system. It had been checked out on a rolling road and was pushing out just under 410 bhp.
Third was my Jap import Nissan Fairlady Twin Turbo (300zx over here). Magnflow exhaust and Pipercross inlet. I fitted a combined tv/dvd/radio/GPS/CD player/MP3 but actually it never grew on me so only did 300 miles in a year. It sounded amazing though.
Nice selection of motors, love the GTO's knew someone many years ago who had a red one like that but had issues with the auto box, something about the complex electronics they use. He sold it on in the end as was going to cost more than the car was worth to get it repaired. Was a stunning motor though.
Have to say, the GTO was the most fun car I've ever owned. I had the big Lexus SC400 cruiser and my wife had a 2.5 twin turbo, a real beast. She could out accelerate me every time so eventually i sold my SOarer Active and bought the GTO. My pride was restored! :D The main problems with the GTO (although mine was fine) was the four wheel steering. Most owners turned over to two wheel. I'd have another GTO in a flash. Although next cars on my list are a 928S4, Volvo T5R, Toyota Aristo Twin turbo and a Mitsubishi Legnum. *sigh*
Good taste in cars Cullers, I looked long & hard at a couple of manual GTO's before settling for the Cougar............I think I made the right choice based on value, looks, cost of keeping it on the road & regrets!:)
Like I said, the guy who owned my GTO had spent 8k on the car in the previous couple of years (The wheels cost over 2k) so it was incredibly well sorted. Only thing wrong with it was a hole in the drivers bolster! It handled like a go kart and was neck snapping on acceleration so it was a bit special but I know what you are saying. The Cougar was a car I always wanted and its sporty but in a homely way. The GTO was a fab experience but it would have killed me if I did a 300 mile drive in it (either that or it would have cost me my license!).
I saw one of them GTO's at silverstone once on the track, litteraly out cornering everything, it was if the guy didn't have to slow down, the only thing beating him and passing him was a Skyline R32
Yeah only car I've had which was better handling was the Soarer Active which also was four wheel steering. The Soarer though had this amazing suspension which meant it ran flat round bends. It was really scary as to how used to that you got. You'd hit roundabouts at 60 knowing you didn't have to slow down but forgetting that everyone else did. I think there is some youtube footage of a friend taking his Soarer Active going round a track like that. The Skylines I think are mostly four wheel steering as well.
And 4wd* ;) yes nice cars, only other things at silverstone that give them some competition are the Escort cosworths and Sapphire 4x4's with foot long flames coming out of the exhaust :LOL:
always wondered what the Soarer could do as have seen a few for sale over the years, just considered it to be a posh mans Supra before now ;)

GTR is 4wd/4ws/Twin turbo - GTO (Skyline) {or is it GT} RWD/Single Turbo
Yeah I'd agree with the comments about the Cossies. My mechanic used to race one. Scarily fast.

The Soarer is a genuine four seat GT. Plenty of room in the back for adults and yet the Twin Turbo is incredibly fast. It would have to be a very sorted Supra to beat one. The 4 lt one is gadget heaven. From basic (commonly called PovPak) to the Active which even in 1991 had sat nav and touch screen controls. Lovely cars for guys who want the power and performance of a sports car and the comfort of a luxury tourer. Terrible owners club though. Usually the 2.5 TT's are called Toyota's and the 4lt Lexus. Thing is, they only ever sold in Japan (although a few were in USA usually 3 lt ones which no-one wants).

Would still like to get a Skyline but apparently they are rubbish if you are tall.
Thats not good, what about the new one? Mate ravs about them (the GTR that is not so much the Skyline) they aint the be all and end all, have you seen the new Lexus its a beast 5.0Ltr V10 if i recall!
The new one is supposed to be better in terms of driver height because they wanted it to be popular outside Japan. Remember that they never exported the Skyline (I don't think - certainly not to UK or USA). It (the new GTR) is something i'd like to play with.

The new Lexus looks absolutely amazing. I got invited to a drivers day at Silverstone last year and they were talking about it there even though it hadn't been revealled. It will be incredibly well built and have more gadgetry going on than Bill Gates house!

Jezzer Clarkson once said that the Skyline was the ultimate gangster getaway car.