My K&N finally fitted

Douglas Mackenzie

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Jul 11, 2010

Finally got a day off work to fit my K&N really missed the sound of an induction
kit after having 1 on my last cougar, not sure about the heat shield think it is a bit big
next weeks job is front drop links and hopefully a rear strut brace
Nice going Douglas. I'm also a sceptic when it comes to those "heat shields". Do they actually DO anything apart from trap heat? The V6 does make a nice noise though with the cone fitted. (y) Now don't go showing off with the loud pedal! :)
have to disagree to a point al,if it is set up correctly for the FAI then it does work,but if it is not set up correctly then yes it will just suck air in from the engine.on mine it is set up for 2 FAI,one below the cone and one at the side of it