My latest mod.

Ace Melon

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Aug 10, 2009
Market Rasen, Lincs


I did it, because I can.
Fitting took 10 minutes. Wiring in...A bit longer.
It has an isolator switch in the glove box. I don't want any grief off the rozzers.
I've fitted a tell tale LED in the little slot under my stereo facia to tell me when it's live. And it has a wireless remote so I can change patterns, speed and switch it off. The side to side strobe pattern would get me royally nicked ;)
It's the little things :)
Davidoff, the black's not as durable as it says on the tin. I've got a couple of little bald patches where the sun visors rub and the backs of the door handles are marking up from fingernail scratches. Just a little heads up for you there :)
On the ABC pillars I followed shagmonkeys thread where he painted his car and used plastic primer. Also maybe because the zetec sunvisors are cardboard they do not apply as much pressure. The only problem I had was the like spindle bit on the sunvisor where it attaches to the roof the paint came off but I used some black tape there and you cannot tell.

I have not refitted my doorcards yet so will have to see about the door handle surrounds. Hope the marks are not too noticeable on your car

I love your new wheels by the way
i was waiting for a lecture!!!!! I fitted an isolator and a telltale led so that mistake would be avoided. you'll hate the rozzer stylee strobe it does then? :D
All you need is the tight leather jacket and a perm and you're there:



Seriously though, looks pretty cool (y)