My New Body Kit - the End Result


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Apr 30, 2006
leamington spa
Here are the final pictures of my new look for 2010, thanks to much hard work by Alan (pid_16v).

Here I am in the main driveway at home

OK, I admit, it's Stoneleigh Park really

Also available for grass collecting, as demonstrated later at Harewood House


Alan's work can also be spotted in the side stripes, shown better here



Great looking Cat there bud, for the the thing that will compliment its new look is some 18"'s or 19"'s on there....Then it will look a beast for sure
i can appreciate the work that has gone in there by all concerned.

Not my personal cup of tea, but so long as its yours thats what matters.

Part of being a Cougar owner!

Nice one
nice looking job there chris and it does suit the vinyl(coming from someone who hates them lol)but loose the daylighters to square for the bumper
Nice one Chris, Coug looking great. Have you seen the vid I took at the Castle Coombe Meet mate? If not, check the Castle Coombe Thread - and you'll see your "Blue Light" special doing it's thing outside the village hall we stayed at.
Looks awesome Chris, fantastic work by Al & the car is really trick.(y)

You even look like you've used the same grill mesh I have on mine!:LOL: