My new cougar


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Jan 19, 2010
Evening all

so heres some pictures of my first cougar (bear in mind it wont always be this dirty lol - unwashed, unpolished)










looking good danjay, just need some dry weather so it can have a scrub and a polish, and are you going to get rid of the "fried eggs" lol , ;)
Saturday all being well im gonna give it a good going over

already ordered from ebay LOL

once modding gets under your skin it never really goes away does it
Another Cas lad ..ayup mate (y)
kind of mate, im Leeds born and bred ... living in Ledston now just above Cas...its just easier to say Cas as no one outside Ledston seems to ever have heard of it lol

makes for good access to the Xscape meets though (y)

Cheers everyone, :)

pictures will be updated over the weekend :wink5:
Clear lenses arrived with a crack across one of them, gutted.

will replace the eggs next weekend instead then, bought a cougar keyring to cheer myself up pmsl
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Welcome to the club Dude. Just to warn you - changing your fried eggs often costs £2k -£3k or more - modding is like Pringles - once you start you can't stop - and it's incureable :p

i laughed when someone told me that Iain, but its SOOOOOOOOOOO true.

Welcome to the club and as others have said, nice looking coug.

Its all about personal choice mate, do what you like and perhaps take a little bit of inspiration from others.

Another Cas member eh?

Welcome back to the madhouse!