My New Dials

The Bridge

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Apr 20, 2007
Here's a picture of my new speedhut dials. Haven't had a chance to take a picture of them at night but they look awesome. :)

Thanks Al (Pid) for sorting these out at fest mate. You are a legend :beer:
And Tim (WildV6) thanks for the spoons (y)

Looks well nice dude wish I had done mine a bit different design wise but I am still happy with the overall result.

Great result, like the Cougar outline like a watermark in the dial.
Very similar to mine those. I know what you mean about seeing them in the dark though, I actually got a sort of perverse pleasure out of leaving home before 5am yesterday (to get to Ford Fair) because I could see my dials all lit up and lovely!
You forgot to post the pics zummer......................I'd like to see please?:)

Yeah, my mobile went blank the day after joining on here, so got a brand new mobile phone on its way from E-Cell ordered last Thursday, thanks for remembering. Soon as arrives, shall take some pics and upload.