my new engine mods


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Apr 24, 2007
leeds west yorkshire
my new engine mods ( NOW WITH FINISHED PICS )

i will be fitting these over weekend

polished throttle body


st200 copy inlet manifold been polished and posted


the throttle body is ment to give better reponse but we will see
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well i have fitted the above what a diffrence it makes to reponse to throttle much better pick up and very happy

and the inlet is a st200 copy (sprayed black with badge ) but has been polished and ported
all the ports have been polished until all the cast lines have been removed and also decoked thats all i can see before it was fitted has made a massive diffrence to performance and also the throttle body has been polished and all pits and cast lines removed on innerside
Any idea how they did that? Ford had to extrude hone them. Polishing round corners was never one of my strong points...

Thats why i ask, i dont see how the thing has been polished to any sort of depth..and "porting", as i understand the term, refers to a certain amount of reshaping of the airway to give better airflow, i dont see how this has been done either.
I've seen a lot of "Ported and polished" in my time ( well i am an official member of you know what :ihih: ) What we now seem to commonly refer to as "Chavs" "port and polish" by sticking a cylindrical hemery board on a power drill, and buff away till it shines, then give it some wet and dry to smooth it. This can look very impressive if done right,some guys even have a flexi auber to go round corners :yesnod:

Be carefull when buying so called Ported and polished gear, it might be some of our old stuff from childhood, when we used to "skim" the cylinder head of a moped with a bastard file, then take the baffles out of the exhaust, and convince ourselves that because the head gasket was blowing a storm and the exhaust was ten times too loud, we were obviously going 500mph faster and getting there in a tenth of the time :nono::confused:
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i dont really know about what has been done to inlet so i cant comment but when i picked it up the guy had a small block chevy lump sat in his garage and was rebuilding it from scratch and builds and rebuilds engines for few racing teams he based in brigg and has a massive work shop with so many tools i have ever seen in my life i am no mech or engineer so dont know what has been done took this guys word for it as he has the tools to do the job and my cougar is miles better and alot better throttle reponse then having the oringal inlet and standard throttle body feels miles better then it was

just feels like the comments made are saying i am lieing or stupid i might be a little stupid when it comes to engines i know one end from another and take people on first experince meeting them as alot of you know sorry about the rant or must be the way i have read the posts made
i understand peoples comments i paid ?ú40 for it and getting better reponse from engine so i would say it was a good mod and was cheap seems to breath better then haveing stock inlet and throttle body on the cat and looks better
As Alan said Daz - I just wondered how it was achieved. Extrude honing is an expensive process whereby the UIM is bolted to a pair of purpose made manifolds on a machine. The machine then pumps abrasive paste back and forth through the UIM casting to achieve the desired bore and finish inside.

I am unaware of any processes that can be done at home which can do that round corners whilst maintaining a constant cross sectional area along the tracts round corners.

Just curiosity really :) I still think it would need the extrude honing process to do it to ST200 standard but if it's improved your car's feel then there's no problem, and it was only ?ú40 :).