my new rear


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Apr 24, 2007
leeds west yorkshire
had back box done very happy woith sound nice and deep



i quite like it :D i think i would like it in the centre too, but its cool to see something a bit different. nice one!
Is there a big sound increase without a back box on the cat, i ask this because i had to remove my backbox on my van today (rotted) and there was no difference in sound. :?
falcon said:
Centre exit :)
I like that, concidering this idea myself so I dont lose the towing eye if I go to twin exit ..... save money and go for a single box/centre exit

Ps. Daz I think your's would look good in the centre too, it just sticks out a bit too much at the moment
my car has big pipes with no centre or back box and sounds ok, roar - here comes kev sort of thing!!!! then 1 min later i pull in at home :wink:

i must say the pipes look very different that you have fitted, but that's what it's all about, being different, i like being different and fitting parts that others feel are not for them!!! each to their own eh!!!! :wink: