My new sound system


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Oct 22, 2008
Gosport (pompy)
Fitted my new sound system today;




4 Fusion Reactor 12" subs, 2 900w amps, Fusion PowerPlant 6x9's, Fusion Encounter 6.5" components and tweeters and 4 channel 600w amp :dita:
I didnt realise the boxes were quite that big, the back one is wedged between the rear struts and the cd multi changer had to come out for the other.
Looks good Chris, you've been busy. Just what you need for listening to Radio2 :LOL:

Where's me coat.................................aah.............theres the door.................................
cool mate i have fusion subs in my cougar nice and cheap at moment as bbg who used to own fusion have gone bust thats why stuff is cheap but sounds good

bbg are the company who owned jl audio mtx fusion and few others but mtx and jl audio have been bought by celuis
Nice mate only one thing the 6x9's are not going to last too long the air movement from the subs will damage them nothing wrong with them just they are in a crappy location as they can't work properly there due to the pressure from those four subs especially with them being ported.

Matt don't worry mine is already onto stage um whatever stage I am on now lol.

Nice job dude.

you don't need to remove much at all mate just a set of spacers needed will sound much better with them there, your always welcome to cougar hq to get some sorted for a few beers.

They honestly wont last long at all there four twelves even in pre fab boxes move a lot of air as I guess your finding out and they move more air than the suspension in the 6x9's have movement in them so your moving them past there mechanical limit of excursion.

I was worried about structural integrity...not the hand after all the sawing, the metal reinforcing bar in the shelf was bad enough.

Good point JJ i did get a set of 9mm spacers and didnt think to see how much less i would have to remove :mad2: