my old focus


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Apr 8, 2009
this is only picture i can find of my beloved focus and the misses made me sell it for been to small and for a stinking piece of french laguna aghhhh
basic focus with a factory fitted rs kit and suspension one of the best driving cars ive had
best ford ive ever driven jamie when i bought it i got for £1000 becuase they thought the ecu was capput and had a bump at rear the car kept dying when driven all it needed was a £23 speedo sensor problem solved and my boy pulled out the damage to rear quarter all sorted no visible signs of any damage i got offered £4000 a week after i bought it(the book back then was £4200) i kept it for 2 years and sold it for £2300 so a good deal to
i try to make money on every car i own lol,i had a mondeo 2.0 ghia x was in good nick but could see it was time to get shot off it book price was £700 so a guy asked me if i would swap it for a pug 406 7 seater and give him £500 after doing my homwork i said yes then he says brakes are shot on pug its going to cost£500 to sort he will get then done and add it on to price i said give me it the way it is,got the car and it was the rear abs ring(2 teeth broken) so i gave him my old car plus £300 so realy gave him £1000 all in sold it a year odds later for £2200
They definitely handle well. Iv only driven a company pool car some years ago now but i remember it being good. TDCI one too which had a nice bit of poke.
I'm pretty sure I've seen that focus before... Can't place it though! And I'm pretty sure that's a collection kit rather then an RS kit :)
collection it is same only different lol
theres a fewof them about but not many only ever spotted one the same in scotland
for a family car the focus is great boot space is limted and the fuel economy was the same as my cat,but its the best handling ford ive driven everything about it was spot on couldnt fault it but love the cougar to much to replace it with one