My ST200 has done its 1st 1000 miles!


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May 11, 2008
Today I have clocked up the 1st 1000 miles since I rebuilt the car. The 1st k was totally trouble free (should be its near enough a new car!), I hope the next 99k keep me smiling:


Hopefully I will also get the hang of not being as heavy with the pedal so my mpg will improve a little!


How comes you only got 1k on the clock, did the old one pack in or something ?

No m8, I still have the old clocks, if you check the pic above you will see that my clocks are ST200 clocks. I believe they are genuine ST200 clocks and not just a dial overlay. You will note the mph goes up to 160 and not 150 like the old clocks. I came across them about 2 years ago on ebay, brand new in box! And for only ?ú40! The guy I got them from said he's bought a container of redundant stock from Ford, ST200 Cougar specific parts would obviously be surplus as Ford didn't go through with the ST200 Cougar, luckily they must have made the clocks, they did make the scuff plates as well, there's one on ebay now. Its been listed for a few months, Only reason I've not bought it coz I can't find another anywhere!