My trip round the coast + modded cougar not mine



here are a few pics of the coastal trip i made on sunday. the black cougar hunted me down. lol

I like that Black Cat!! And that's the bonnet I want!!!!!!!!! :twisted: You couldn't ask him what it's called could you, i.e: Manufacturer and Model?? Pretty please :?: :wink:
I thought that was Rod's car, at first glance. :eek: :LOL:

Both look very nice though. 8)

i will try and get in touch with the owner of the cat on the local car modding forum and ask him about the vent ok m8y. should have an answer by thursday just remind me if i have not remembered.

the bad storms over here in nireland means i have to work late nights as i work for the local electric company. yipee.
Love your car dude everything on it looks awesome (apart from wheels but each to their own!) nice job.
Nice pics, I thought someone had nicked my car as well! Same spoiler, but the bonnet is a different make, with an aerogear kit on it.

You car is looking smashing as usual :D
Nice pics 8) 8) that Black one looks good first time i've seen one with the Millenium kit on. Would love to see the Orange one in the flesh that kind of colour always looks better that way.
Looks good mate, glad to see you decided not to sell up (you were asking prices earlyer in the year)* nice atmospheric pictures ORANGE is a class colour :wink:

*and no i havn't got mixed up with G-pimp
no still trying to get him on the local forum.

his car should be on autotrader soon tho