New Bits!!


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Sep 9, 2004
Updates to my Cougar, while few and far between at the mo, are slowly peicing together!

New this weekend;

1 - All BLACK interior!! Alcatera fitted to all interior biege plastics and the roof liner(with exception to the b pillars that were just too funny shaped to be covered and were painted instead) I left the bits and bobs biege to set things off - and it knew it would be hard to paint them and for them to stay black.

2 - Silver door handle inserts. Had these painted up and ready to go in for a while now! Just needed a nice clear day to do it!

3 - Replaced the Centre console with one that wasnt broken and scratched to poop!






Yeah can't argue with that ! looking good.
I have a mate who is diong the flock dashes as soon as I can get a dash will be having a go at this!.
Looking good Alex, nice to see that you've been busy.(y)

Will the outer be restored to it's former glory? It was a class act before you stripped it.:(
Some of it!!

I didnt do the alcantera, i have had bad experiances with that stuff so got a mate to do it for me.

I did all the spraying though :)
Looks nice Alex well done dude, I am hopefully before fest getting round to doing the interior black also hate the grandad beige your pics show me it will work out nicely!.