New Brakes and a good clean



Hi all, well last weekend I decided that I couldn't take it any more, not having a handbrake :yikes:, so thought I would replace them, and as it was a nice day managed to get some cleaning done too!!! (y)

Here are a couple of pics for you to have a look through,

The old disks before I removed them :frown2:


The nice clean alloy that I removed...


The wheel now, with a bit of hard work!!! (y)


I was going to take some time to clay bar the wheels to get rid of every last bit of brake dust and tar etc, but I will be getting some new alloys in the near future so didn't bother!!!

Not a great picture, but I went round the whole car and removed the wheels to clean them, whilst I was at it I acid cleaned all the suspendion components etc and then cleaned the wheel arches and even waxed the paint in there :frown2: Sad I know...


And then put everything back together and gave her a clean... :)

Here is rather a good 50/50 pic , was quite bad to start with!!! :yikes: (y)


Here is the finished product... (y)




Have a new wax coming for the car this week, so will give that a go and see what I think!!! (y) But happy with these at the moment!!! :sosp:

Cheers guys...

Alan, the ACID cleaning is not quite as technical as it sounds!lol I cleaned it all using Auto Glim clean wheels. It's quite an acidic wheel cleaner and not something I use very often as it can be quite harsh, but it's great for cleaning struts etc up!!! :)
Thanks guys...

I did put a coat of NXT wax on them afterwards too which will stop the brake dust from sticking to them as badly and helps with future cleaining!!! :)
haha, just noticed looking at some other pics the cover that you meen!lol I wonder if when it had the timing belt done they just threw it in the bin?!?!?!?! haha
Very nice job there mate, lovely paintwork. I'm going to clay bar mine later this year once I get back from Aussie.
Did they do them on the Mondy??? Will have a quick search on flea bay and see what there is!!!

I havn't clayed it yet, thats the next step as I have just got some new polish and a rather special wax :) So will do it all properly when I do that...