New cougar owner (possibly...)



Hi guys!

I've been looking at cougars for some time now, and I've finally found a nice one. Although it doesn't have the leather interior, which is a slight downer, it still looks immaculate on the bodywork and interior. Its a 1999 V 2.5 V6 with 102k on the clock. Recent tyres, brakes, cat converter and battery. I'm chopping in my astra and parting with £300 for it, which considering its only a T reg 2.0 petrol astra isn't a bad deal. Anyway I'm wondering what sort of MPG you guys can get, I'll be regularly travelling to Reading and I've been told its good for 35mpg with sensible driving?

Also, any other problems I should look for before parting with the money?
welcome to the club. MPG varies depending on a lot of factors, but on a 2l on a run you might touch 40 to the gallon, on a v6 about 34 - much lower around town.

Some people get better than this, some worse, but thats about the average.
Hi Richard, and welcome to, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place. Remember! is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Thanks for all your replies, all going well should be getting it Monday then hoping for many years happy motoring! Dannydimps in reply to yours buddy, its about 6 miles from where I live, and he's offering me a fair price for my car so cant go wrong. Hopefully. Thanks for the info though mate!
Richard, if you do buy one, the best advice i can give you is subscribing to this forum. Its £13 per year and will save you boat loads.
Welcome to the forum mate (y)

In answer to your MPG question my daily commute is a steady 20 miles each way, a little bit of town, then some back road and the last 5 miles is dual carriageway. At weekends I do like to get my toe down a bit, and on average I say I would turn in 31-34 average over the week, depending on the amount of hoonage on the weekend :LOL:
Will definately join the forums at that price, cant go wrong really! My drive is a drive to Reading and back (330 mile round trip) 3 times a month, with the commute to work once i'm in reading only being around 4 miles each way. Anything over 30 and i'm happy! :)