New Cougar Owner Today :)



Hello forum members, I'm Gaz from the Midlands, me and the missus became first time Cougar owners today so have come to check out your threads for ideas and inspiration.

Hope to find lots of useful info here, see you around (y)

Hi Gaz (and missus), welcome to the forum. All you ever need to know about Cougar's is here (although some is locked away in the subscribers section). Nice choice of colour. :D
Welcome to the club, looks a nice tidy frosty you have there - and totally standard too (I'm sure someone will be along soon to point out the 'fried eggs' to you) :LOL:

Is it just the light or has it got window tints? Get ready to have a smile on your face every time you drive it (y)
Hi Gaz. You'll find loads of info and friendly, helpfull people on here (y) I'm sure you'll soon get the modding bug starting with ....eerrrrrr those fried eggs perhaps :angel: :LOL:

Welcome mate (y)
Hello and welcome aboard the Mothership Cougar. Hope you enjoy your stay and as the others have said above - first mod - get rid of those nasty fried eggs on the side wings, you feel much better once you change
The next one will be to 'de-brick' or not to 'de-brick' (funnily enough I removed mine the other day) :)

The brick is the black plastic surround on your front number plate - some like 'em, some don't (y)
Welcome to the haynes manual for the cougar, lots of moddified cars to give you some ideas and alot of standard cougars aswell. Your Cougar looks very tidy hope you enjoy driving it as we all do with ours (y) There are quite a few members in the midlands try and get to a local meet, its a good way to meet new friends and have a couple of drinks :beer:
What a friendly forum! Thanks for all the welcome messages.

everton2004, yes the windows are Ford tinted and the car is a brilliant drive, we're loving it.

Ginja, I'm near Stourbridge in the West Midlands, are you in the Black Country too?

Can anyone tell me where the Central Fuse Box is found? I'm having problems with the lights and the manual doesn't give much idea of the location. It looks like passenger side under the dash, but I can't find it... cheers :)

(ps. if a mod sees this could they activate me please? I want to pay £13 but the subscriptions area is blocked in my usercp, thanks)
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welcome to the club mate, nice choice of colour, lol, the fusebox is located under the glovebox, there is a small lever or arm that you pull on and it drops down, (y)