New Dials


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Jul 29, 2007
South coast in a cougar
Well i fitted my new Reverse Eglow dials today , there a little fiddly to fit and i did take my time with them as i have large hands and not much paitence :D

heres what they look like in day light


with the side lights on



and now in the dark :face:



Picture quality isnt great but never mind but i do love the new look
Its also got a switch on the dimmer control to cjange them from the bright electric blue to a slightly slighter blue which is a cool function .
Yep Al i fitted 1st then decided to trim it as i wasnt too keen on half the display being lost lol, took a couple of attempts to get them lined up right and then a while to calibrate all the dials but well worth waiting for and i will say it again
Massive thank you Al for organising this one for us
Looking good Ian. Your dials are pretty much identical to mine so that's given me a good 'heads up'. Some people have mentioned that the cut outs for the digital gauges are fractionally too small and they've had to (carefully) cut some of the dial away to make the cut outs the right size, was this the case with yours? Also, I notice there's no cut out on the front of the dial for the low fuel warning but there is a different coloured section on the reverse of the dial which fits the size and shape of the low fuel warning. Mine aren't being fitted until Harewood soooooo.... I don't suppose there's any chance that you (or any other willing volunteer) could let their fuel warning come on then to see if the light 'bleeds through' and take a photo?
Rich, If you look at the reverse side of your dials, look at the windows edges, you will feel a step along the edge. Use a new modelling knife or stanley knife, and carefully trim the bottom edge using the step as your guide. Don't cut though the grey lines!!!
Same goes for the fuel light, i cut a rectangle into mine, and a few others from the previous gb, but i;m sure i heard that the light does bleed through anyway, though i've not seen it for myself.
Yep i did trim the windows mate , you need to make sure you have a razor sharp blade , mine snagged on the top left corner and i wasnt happy so take extra care there , as for the fuel warning light i can say with my dials it doesnt show through , when you put the console in to diagnostic mode and it does the dial sweep you can then scroll through all the menues until it chacks all the waring lights , when i did this it dosent come though the new panel , even though with the guages in half you can see the bulb comming on and off , its no biggy for me as i never run the car that low anyway , i tend to class half a tank as empty as were we live theres only 1 petrol station for miles so its easier to keep the car filled .
Very tidy ;-) i can get scalpel blades if anyones going from down this way
You not going to Harewood Tony? Ill be going to Harewood if anybody wants me to pick some of them blades or any other orders they have with Tony? Regularly go past his so not a prob.
Looking great Ian, very smart mate. Mine look like this at night - just a shame that the digital display isn't at bright as yours and mine is on full brightness control.

We'll sort that at Harewood Tim, if your going. (y)

Thanks Al, yes will be at Harewood - do you know what the problem may be then? I'm just about to put the new "used" speed sensor in from Tony - that's if this rain stays away!! lol