new double din!


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Aug 9, 2007
fitted a new double din from mark666 yesterday and its great :D

you need to do a little trimming but i have it plonked in place at the minute until my adaptor plate turns up from the states ;)

I wasnt sure how to secure it at night though as I dont live in the nicest of areas and if i was to leave it on show it would be gone in 30 seconds :mad2: so what do you think of my stealth double din? I removed the front pannel from a old headunit and glued the screen and buttons in place to make a cover!


yeah its bloody brilliant for what you pay for!

im just waiting on a fascia plate from the states so i can fit it properly without any gaps.. but i couldnt wait to get it in :LOL:
looks awesome mate! cant wait to see it with the new adapter! im assuming its the usa one with the equal thickness surround and larger dash pocket and you'll be cutting out the whole centre piece to fit in the new stereo?

i love the stealth add-on too, really really cool
my double din opens above the gearstick (manual) and the lower single din (where the ashtray was) has an iPod hidden in the glovebox, but no way of hiding two head units without a blanket or something. Great work on the ford fascia!
Good idea mate with the old stereo, I'd thought of that myself on an old car but never got round to it ( :(and subsequently had my stereo nicked!) looks good
and hence why the new JVC one i'm thinking of getting allows you to remove the whole front face (must be a big case you carry it round in:eek:)