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Sep 10, 2004
Guys I would like to formally announce that Warthog (Chris and Tim) are the new events organiser/s any enquiries about shows and attendance should now be directed towards them.

While they are getting to know the ropes during the transitional period there may be a few hiccups but I am sure they will do a grand job and as they attend most shows themselves are the best for the job!.

The only exceptions to this are the following

Harewood - Jezport will take care of this again as usual.

Ford Fair - Ginga will take care of this one however if the numbers do not warrent it we will not be attending this show as a club.

Cougarfest - JJ again as usual will take care of this show.


Good news to hear it officially JJ.

Chris and Tim are an excellent choice - really staunch members who I know will do their very best. Thanks for putting up your name Chris and Tim!! (y)(y)(y)(y):D:D
Good news a rather big pair of shoes to fill but I'm sure chris & Tim will step up to the plate.
The best possible candidates for the job, I sincerely hope you enjoy doing the job as much as I did, anytime you need a bit of help, you have my number.
Thanks for all the good wishes. We hope to be able to keep up the high standard that Phil has set.

We've not been idle, and will be posting to the Events section as soon as the message board has recovered from Bobster taking it down the pub for a beer - or whatever it's offline for on Friday evening :smile5:
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