New Grill Mod on my Cougar 2


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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
Just in case you miss it in the Cosmetic/styling section hear it is in all its glory:

Pid_16V said:
jezport said:
Well done Matt, it makes it look more like the nicer C1 :wink:

What i said :roll: :LOL:

I should have read all the thread first :roll:

It does look more like the C1 and is probably the best combination, as it breaks up the bumper.
thanks lads, that was the idea......still wondering if the black lights should be the next mod :roll: :? HADI has a set but he's all the way up in Glasgow and @ ?ú330+ a light i'm not really willing to post them off
:?: (what am I gona use to drive around in my car in between time????) :?:

ah you never thought of that one did you :wink: