new guy with his Cat


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Dec 6, 2009
Alright lads and lasses, I've owned my cat for over 2 years now. ive visited here a few times and thought i'd register finally and show you mine i've loved, coz i think she'll be going soon, as i'm after an s60r.

She's the x-pack model with the lecky sunroof.

Done some cosmetic mods including:

Sprayed tail lights,
Added mud flaps and painted the cougar logo's on them (stand out really well),
Bee sting ariel,
Newer type ariel on back of roof aswell(this is for aftermarket sat-nav/dvd system, not just stuck on),
3rd brake light has a vinyl on that reads COUGAR when pedal pressed.
V6 badges by the side repeaters,
painted calipers with added decals( though the pictures don't do these justice),
Oh and Ford racing decals to the back end of the sills.

Hope you like, oh and i'm also after some aftermarket front light covers that are kind of similar to the bmw 3series coupe 1's (i'll post about this in the wanted section).


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Nice potential new motor for a .com member methinks. Could do with a little more info though like mileage, rough idea of price, whether the wishbones have been done etc.
Oh not mate its not for sale (just yet anyway), so i'm not on here to advertise. I just thought after looking at pictures of others on here for a while, though i'd show some pictures of my beloved b4 it comes to the point i do decide to let her go.

I like the look of her, thought a few others might too!
Welcome mate,

Richb is from Warrington, myself and YNWA are in Northwich if you need help in any way...(y)