New Member, HELLO ! heres My Cougar's.


Barry Harker

Hi guys,

I have already posted Photos in The Pictures Forum,
But was Advised to also Introduce myself here as well.

I have owned Cougars Since 2005. and I will allways have a Cougar !

However my first died a very painfull Death, Up the Chuff of a truck Blinded by Sunlight as he Pulled out Of a Juction !
WHACK ! AT 20 MPH my cougar lost out.





Yes it was bloody Heart Breaking, But out of the Wreakage I will
Rebuild My new Cougar to look very Simaler to my First Cat,


Heres to many happy years of Driving our Cats, And I hope no one else Suffers a loss of their Four wheeled Pets !

these Cars will be Rare soon, so we need to look After them.

All the best,



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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
Welcome aboard Barry, your first Coug was a stunna, shame that she ploughed into and under the back of a truck - as long as you were ok, a car is just metal and easily replaced. Great pic's though - I'm sure you'll have your second Cat looking just as great as your first one. Liking the graphics - very USA lol


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Jun 14, 2009
hi barry welcome to the forum, nice looking cat that got destroyed, at least you got another, good luck with the project to get her back to the level you want(y)


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Aug 17, 2009
New Ollerton
Hi Barry, welcome mate. Nice cat you had there, like the look, bit Nascar. As Tim said , good that you are OK. At least you have some more work to do on cat 2 to have it look like cat 1. Best colour too (y)


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Sep 12, 2007
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Hi Barry, welcome to the forum. Lovely looking Frosty you had there, shame it had to come to an early demise.:frown5: Good luck with the new one.:smilewinkgrin:


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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
What size tyres are on your first Cat Barry, I presume those are the standard wheels painted black ?

Thats what I was thinking too Rik - just looks as though he's left off the centre caps for that more "American Nascar" look, especially with that large white lettering on the tyres.

Barry Harker

Thanks for all your Replys Guys.

Yea Iwas lucky to get out of that one but at least I now get the Chance to do it all again !
and do it better !
and to those Guys in the Worcestershire Region, Perhaps we should arange a meet up at a Pub somewhere one evening ? my best mate also has a cougar so heres Two Already !

and as for the Graphics looking very American, well thats the Homeland of the Cougar and Im a big fan of Muscle Cars, Thats why I painted the wheels Black and painted the Letters on the Tyres.
And as for the Bumper, Yes you Guessed it. im also a big Fan of NASCAR.

yes those are the Original wheels Painted two pack black, And the Tyres are DUNLOP SP SPORT 01 205/55/16.
My current Cat is running 215/50/16 AVON's. And they Grip really well in the wet !
However Im going to change to 225/50/16 GOODYEAR SPORTS,

a Bit of extra meat for the extra Power im going to add, im not a fan of Low Profile Tyres, I do a lot of Miles and I like a bit of Give in my tyres Considering how BAD our roads are in this Country !



There are some bloody Good looking Cougars you Guys have there, Which is good to see ! I might end up doing the Show scene soon once the Cat is finished.
And say hello to some of you, and have a good natter about our Cats.

All the best Guys and Happy Motoring.


Barry Harker

I am going to start working on my wheels this weekend, and this time Ihave made some Hubs painted Silver that will Patrude from the Centre of the Wheel.

I will take Photos as I go along, im blasting them with two pack black again, "its very hard wearing !" and a good dose of Gloss clear coat.

and Iwill white letter the AVON's might as well while they are on there !

All the best.