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Mar 8, 2010
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Just realised at FITP that I have been registered here for a month or so now but haven't posted! So a belated post to say hi! Bought a Silver 2.5 Cougar V6 with the X-pack back in March to replace my Puma and been loving it ever since. Sadly she has not been maintained too well by her previous owner, if at all, so it is my mission to get her back to full strength again and undo 7 years of neglect :)

So yet again, a belated hi!

Hi Zach and welcome to the home of the Cougar. There is a meeting at Excape Castleford this Sunday if you want to pop along and meet a few other fellow Cat lovers (y)
Hello and welcome Zach, I'm sure with loads of CLC (Cougar Loving Care! lol) you'll get her back to full health and looking and sounding like she should be. I'm sure with a good service and a few £'s spent on cleaning her up - she'll be shining like a good'un. Get some pic's posted up once you've sorted her.
hiya m8 welcome to the site and see ur a member of another site that im on lol. FT
Many thanks for the warm welcome, pics will be following shortly. Got the Cat serviced last week and recooped an extra 10mpg; she will be purring properly in no time :). I should be able to get across to Xscape / Castleford this weekend to meet a few people too :)