New OEM headunit...



Well finally i manage to get one of these from fleabay at a reasonable price..... I had one of these blaupunkt mp3 headunits in my ford escort and they look stunning and really finishes off the interior! hopefully it should be here withing the week and i´ll get some photos up, but in the mean time this is what i´ve bought

I don´t know the exact model numer and to be honest it might not have one..... It was only released in the USA in their version of the special edition MP3 focus, typical the yanks get a great piece of kit and the europeans get a version of the 6000 that plays mp3s lol....
So it is exactly the same shape as the 5000 or 6000 headunit it looks spot on mounted in any ford!! Check out and search for blaupunkt mp3, ignore the traders and wait for one to come up on auction, i just won mine for $52 but works out at 58 quid including postage.

Also with custome wiring it has aux in for an ipod and rca out for an amp and has all the functions of an aftermarket unit like custom sound settings etc!

There is a setup menu on this unit that you can convert it to european spec so it can pick up radio.
Going via ebayuk that equates to £90.47 + £36.49 shipping = £126.96. How does that compare to what you could get here for the money? Good buy? :D
Thats for a brand new one though.... the one i have got is second hand and works out at under 60 quid posted.... less than a 6006 goes for on fleabay. Saying that i wonder how much a brand new bog standard ford headunit would cost over here?
i seen some of the headunits the same guy is selling some are listed as faulty so be aware(thats for the cheaper second hand ones)
How much are these OEM Head units worth? I still have my original 5000 series from my Coug which still is in perfect working order, although I know it's not as good as the 6000 series. Is it worth putting on eBay?